How to Use Glass Tiles to Create a Beautiful Floor or Wall

Glass Tile
Glass was used in as early as 2500 BC, but was not used until the 3rd Century BC before it was brought to Greece, Persia and India. One of the reasons that glass tile took time to evolve was because of the complexities of glass. It takes very high temperatures to melt glass and the technology for manufacturing glass was not yet developed. ?Once it could be mass produced, its popularity spread. Because glass is impervious to water, the use for glass was expanded.

Today using glass tiles has become more prevalent. ??We see them used as a main floor element as well as accent tiles. Their increased usage is not just design driven but also due to technological breakthroughs as well as the tiles? inherent properties, in particular, their effect on color and light reflection, and their resistance to water.

As you may imagine, installing glass tile has its challenges and installers must be extremely careful as they can break easily. ?Make note? a strong reason to use professional and insured installers from your flooring dealer.

One of the things that makes glass tile interesting is the way it reflects light. As the light changes throughout the day, so will the look of your room. When determining the color, it?s wise to take the tile into the designated room, and look at the changes during the day. You may also want to check out the room with artificial light.

Glass can be used on floors and walls and in any room in the house as well as the entranceway. Because they are non-absorbent, they will not stain and are very easy to keep clean. Along with this is the ability to provide a sanitized surface. Cleaning could never be easier?soap and water will do it.

There are many ways that you can use the glass tiles. Take a large mirror and use the glass tiles to frame the mirror. You may want to use a narrow strip or wide strip. This is a matter of preference; whatever you think looks the bests.

Create a wall mural with the glass and frame the outside with ceramic tile. Use a monochromatic look to make the mural fit into the wall. If you want it to stand out, use a brighter color and a wider frame.

Consider glass as a back splash in your kitchen. Not only is the glass stylish, but it is very durable and easy to take care of. It ??doesn?t go out of style and can be mixed with ceramic tile to create different looks. Glass can also be used as an accent.

Are you looking forward to creating a spa look? ?Many spas use glass mosaics to impart a luxurious look; this can add an upscale look to your house. ?Mosaic glass tile floors can imbue a room with a sense of lavish luxury. If cost is a concern, it can be used sparingly intermingled with ceramic or other stone. ??????