Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Regardless of the budget you have for kitchen renovations, you can make the most of your redesign without having to file bankruptcy.

Here, then, are our tips and tricks to consider for your modern kitchen!

  • Caesar Stone surfaces are a great option for a sleek, modern look that don?t have the expense of marble or granite.

  • Buttress the countertops ? whether you use Caesar Stone or not ? with stainless steel to create a high-tech look.

  • Consider stainless steel for your next backsplash ? it?s sturdier, easier to clean, and creates a modern look at a fraction of the cost of a total gut job.

  • Custom built-ins are starting to make a comeback ? this is when an appliance is given a ?front? that looks like it was built into the cabinetry. Believe it or not, it?s much less expensive than stainless steel appliances!

  • Keep your windows as open as possible ? proper ventilation is necessary to keep a fresh look in kitchens. The high moisture aspects of kitchens make it a prime breeding ground for mold, so keep the ventilation as high as possible.

  • Don?t be afraid to include a feature wall in the kitchen as well. You don?t have to get as ornate as you would in any other room in the house ? just add a splash of color to an otherwise dull kitchen.

When you?re ready for a kitchen upgrade, you?re going to need a professional pair of eyes (and hands) to help you navigate the admittedly rough waters of a renovation. That?s what we?re here for! So, when you?re ready, give us a call and let?s see what our experienced, friendly professional staff can do for you! There?s no job too big, or too small, so call us today for your free, no obligation consultation, or stop by our showroom during normal business hours!