Take Care – We’re Talking Tile

Kitchen TileTo keep your kitchen looking good, follow these tips.
Things you can do to keep your tile floor, walls, countertops and backsplashes looking new!

Rule #1: General precautions ? for ANY tile.

1. Regularly remove dirt and grit to prevent scratching.

2. On floors, use walk off mats to trap dirt and debris before it enters your house and?gets tracked around. On counters, use placemats, coasters or trivets.

3. Avoid spike heels and shoes in need of repair.

4. Keep pet nails trimmed.

5. Use felt protectors under heavy furniture and lift do not drag, when moving items.

6. Use a dolly for heavy appliances.

Rule #2: For spills!

1. Immediately remove spills, especially those that might stain the grout or porous?surfaces. Be careful when getting up dry spills not to scratch the surface or damage?the tile.

2. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

3. Use only cleaners approved for your product.


  • Vacuum and damp mop frequently; never flood the floor or ?swab the deck.?
  • Use natural, neutral cleaners (no acids or ammonia) approved by the manufacturer. ??
  • Cleaners may be different for your wall and floor tile.
  • For heavy cleaning, change your solution often to prevent ?cross-contamination? that?is, bringing dirty cleaners to the next spot.
  • Ceramic, porcelain and glass, use an acid-neutral solution. Some gentle detergents?can be used, but never an oil-based cleaner.?
  • Check with your retailer and read the manufacturer?s instructions ? especially for?specialty tile such as metal.


Some tile and grout (typically cement-based) need to be sealed periodically. Discuss with?your retailer before making a purchase. If you ever need to remove sealers, waxes or other?finishes on your tile, use an approved tile sealer and adhesive remover. Test for?compatibility.?

For new installations, pre-grout sealing is recommended for some stone and porous tile?before it is installed to protect your tile, especially stone like marble and granite, from?installation materials which can show up later as a stain.

Ask about different kinds of sealers and stone enhancer sealers for darker, richer character?or to rejuvenate worn, weathered stone.?Always ask your retailer, check with the manufacturer and test first in an inconspicuous?area to ensure you are happy with the result.


Cement-based grout needs regular sealing. Epoxy and most acrylics do not. No grout is?immune to debris buildup and discoloration. Ask your retailer about a professional-strength?tile and grout cleaner.