Bruce Hardwood - Turlington American Exotic Hardwood
Exotic” is the name given to wood, mostly hardwoods, from faraway lands. Because they mostly originate in the tropics, South America, Asia and Africa, the name was an obvious and alluring choice.
Exotics appear “foreign” to American eyes because of their unusual colors and grain patterns. You can see Mother Nature’s handiwork in unexpected hues of dark reds and browns with hints of charcoal, blue or blonde, and you’ll find it in names like Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, Australian Cypress, Wenge, Amendoim, Eucalyptus, and Purpleheart.
Colorations are so striking that many exotics hardwoods are prefinished without stain. Because the natural color is consistent throughout the entire plank, restoring the original exotic beauty requires just sanding and recoating. They may be exotic, but they’re not delicate. Exotics tend to be harder than their American hardwood cousins, often two to three times that of North American Red Oak.
Most countries now have strict laws requiring sustainable forestry practices, and they work hand-in-hand with better brand-name wood floor brands. The process begins with taking weak, old and fallen trees first and using precision cutting to get every square inch possible out of every piece, whether the end-product is solid or engineered. Because exotics mostly grow in tropical regions, they grow and replenish themselves much faster than ours do here in more temperate climates. Exotics can be used in formal or informal settings.
The grain and hue of Brazilian Cherry and Santos Mahogany are favored for more formal décors. Lighter colors of Eucalyptus or Brazilian Maple work well in contemporary settings. And the “knotty” and striated look of Australian Cypress lends itself to designs from casual to rustic. Rich colors from blonde to ebony, together with new features like the hand-scraped look open up a new world of personalization. Maybe it’s a simple light border to frame a stunning dark African wood, or a herringbone in mahogany, but these days hardwood floors are a bit of luxury just about anyone can afford. Come in and discover the world of exotic wood floors.
Let us show you the latest exotic styles, design and installation techniques and, of course, products and services to keep that new floor looking world-class.