The Glamour of Medallions

Nothing adds style to a room quite like a medallion. ? ? ? ? ??
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Great d?cor is all about lasting impressions which is why medallions strike a chord with great designers. Hardwood floor manufacturers have formed design councils to provide input and advice for their product development process and made up largely Interior Designers; recommended Hardwood Flooring manufacturers begin to develop custom-looking borders and inserts with a hand-crafted look to complement engineered wood flooring lines.

These inserts, or medallions as they sometimes are called, are noteworthy from two perspectives. First, they may appear to be hand-stenciled. Some are actually tooled with grooves to better-resemble vintage parquetry.?

Second, and just as important as the design element, is the fact that these inserts are designed to literally drop in place as the engineered wood floor is being installed. That means a craftsman with moderate skill, and without special cutting or installation tools, can create a custom floor.

Because they are grooved on all edges, the medallions simply snap into a tongue-and-groove engineered floor just as a puzzle piece would. ?Entire floors can be created out of these medallions using a tongue strip that snaps in place joining one medallion to another.

Creatively, there?s no end to the possibilities. Use one or more in a layout, or create a whole floor just from these medallions. ?Medallions can dress up your entryway, a landing, and the focal spot for a formal gathering area or cozy sitting area? You aren?t limited to using one with engineered floors, either. Try one as a custom insert into a ceramic tile foyer, for example.

Mixed Media

As if that weren?t enough, medallions are now being produced in voids which allow you to drop in another medium ? say, ceramic, glass, metal, or textile. ?Or how about insets of granite or stone mixed with wood flooring, by creating a border in your hardwood floor. So many options with so many products, from subtle to dramatic, medallions provide. Nothing says glamour like a medallion.