Bathroom Flooring Trends

If it?s time to give your bathroom a much-needed makeover, you might want to consider a few different options when it comes to the floors. You don?t need to stick to boring white tile, but you do have to make sure that your flooring option is both water-proof and durable without compromising your individual style. Here, then, is our list of emerging bathroom flooring trends that you might want to consider when updating your bathroom:

  • Ceramic tile is, of course, the first ? and most cost-effective ? option when it comes to creating an elegant space. Today?s ceramic tile comes in a variety of colors and styles, so you don?t have to be stuck with the basic white tile of yester-year.

  • If you have a few extra coins to spend, and you want an option that is more porous than ceramic, consider a porcelain tile as opposed to a ceramic tile. Porcelain tile is also more durable than ceramic tile.

  • Of course, the most expensive ? yet most elegant ? option for your bathroom floor is the natural stone option. Natural stone includes travertine, marble, granite, slate, and limestone.

  • The beautiful thing about bathroom floors is that you don?t have to limit yourself to one style, size, or type of floor ? you can actually mix a number of materials to great effect! Consider, for example, laying a mosaic tile with a marble slab in your master spa retreat for that added ?spa like? look!

  • Another option to consider when installing a floor is to add under-tile heating to the subfloor. While this will certainly set you back a few dollars, nothing beats the comfort of stepping onto a warm floor after a particularly refreshing shower.

If you?re ready to get your bathroom remodeling project started, contact us today to see what we can do for you! Our team has years of experience, and we guarantee you will be happy with the results!