Already popular in the South and West where people live outdoors more of the year, decorative concrete is starting to root in other parts of the country, too.  

Can you even imagine decorative concrete?  See is believing.
 Some of the techniques used to bring concrete to the halls of fashion.  Decorative concrete is about polishing and resurfacing concrete surfaces. That can include colorizing and applying overlays of quarter to three-eighth-inch polymer cement onto existing concrete then stamping-in designs or troweling or splattering textures. With so many colors, textures and patterns, you don’t have to live with ugly cement any more.

Some colors are not outdoor-friendly due to UV color shifting, but most looks can be achieved indoors or out. Costs start at about $3.50 a square foot, polished and stained, depending on the size and scope of the job. It is easy to incorporate multiple techniques -- polishing, acid staining, dyeing, antiquing, stamping -- run $7-$8.50 a square foot.   

The best results come from doing all treatments together for example, pigmenting the cement one color, acid staining it a complementary color and finishing with antiquing highlights. 

End results are stain-resistant without need to re-epoxy or reseal. Floors are full of light reflectivity, and they‘re easy to clean (generally sweep and damp mop with an occasional mop-on acrylic wax). Quality concrete polishing is virtually equal to regular concrete in terms of slipperiness and will meet or exceed OSHA coefficient of friction (slip), but compounds can be used improve traction.

Concrete floors are being used in contemporary designs indoors as well as outdoors today for an industrial look.  Talk to your flooring expert at your local flooring dealer to see what options you have for this in your home or outdoors. You will be surprised at the options available to you.