We at Texas Flooring Professionals are proud to be affiliated with some of the best flooring manufacturers in the world. This allows us to bring the best products to our customers in the Austin, San Marcos and San Antonio areas.

Two of our manufacturers – Shaw and Mohawk – like us, are eco-friendly. We want to applaud both companies for doing their part in the community and keeping the environment safe.

They recently released their sustainability reports from 2013, which shows their commitment to the environment. According to the Floor Covering News, Shaw has recycled more than 700 million pounds of carpet since 2006. That is a lot of carpet that isn’t going to a landfill. Both Shaw and Mohawk keep to the Health Product Declarations and Environmental Product Declarations.

Besides meeting all these safe practices in making and distributing flooring, Shaw has taken it a step further. They have one of the largest commercial solar panel systems in the country. Shaw is also looking to add more jobs in the coming years, helping the economy. In the report, it also states the Shaw’s goal by 2030 is to reduce total waste to landfills 100 percent, reduce water intensity 50 percent and reduce hazardous waste 100 percent. High standards, but Shaw is committed.

Likewise, Mohawk has shown a strong commitment to maintaining HPD, EPD and OSHA requirements. Mohawk has also met the requirements to receive a FloorScore certification for all solid hardwood, engineered hardwood and laminate floors that have been manufactured in the United States. Mohawk has also increased its total employment by 28 percent since 2012, adding plenty of jobs to the economy. The company is working towards all its goals of reducing greenhouse gases and the amount of waste heading to landfills for 2020 as well.

Not all big companies seem to care about the environment or the families that walk on their flooring. One of the big-box stores in the industry is actually battling a lawsuit because the Chinese laminate it has been selling isn’t labeled correctly stating that it contains cancer causing agents. This laminate emits more than 100 times the legal levels of formaldehyde. Long-term exposure to formaldehyde has been linked to causing cancer. With this big-box store obviously doesn’t care about the environment.

That is the difference when you deal with your local flooring specialists at Texas Flooring Professionals. We are eco-friendly and deal with companies like Mohawk and Shaw, who care about the environment and meet all the standards in the flooring industry. Texas Flooring Professionals is extremely happy with our relationship with our manufacturers and look to continue to grow in the flooring industry. By pairing with companies like Mohawk and Shaw, we can provide the best possible product to the residents of Austin, San Marcos and San Antonio.  We also know that every floor we install is safe and meets the standards set forth by the government.

For more information on Shaw or Mohawk, start shopping in our online catalog and see some of the flooring types we carry.