Decorating with Area Rugs

Decorating with area rugs can be a joy if you start out with some basics. Area rugs come in many varieties and styles. ?They are referred to by two sizes, the nominal and actual. ?For instance, a 9?x 12? is the nominal size (advertised size) yet the actual size will be probably 8.6? x 11.6?. Usually the actual size will include the fringe.

Trying to decide on a size?

First measure the room and determine how much of the floor you want exposed. ?You can get an idea of scale by spreading newspapers on the floor, then stepping back to see how the room might look with an area rug. ?Scale furniture cutouts can help you visualize what is presently in the room.

Trying to achieve a certain look?

Cut out photos from home or decorating magazines, and then ask yourself what makes the photos appealing. ?Is it the colors, styles, shapes or patterns? ?Is it how they match the rest of the house or how the colors make you feel? ?Carry your pictures and paint swatches as well as fabrics with you as you shop, so you?ll have every inspiration with you when it comes time to make your selection.

Your lifestyle will also help you determine what type of rug you can live with. ?A home full of rough and tumble kids and pets will require a rug that can take lots of abuse, including heavy traffic and staining. ?Rugs made of olefin are very strain resistant, as well as relatively less expensive which may meet your needs. ?These rugs are not only very stain resistant, but also are soft, and with new technology they?re made of the most vibrant colors as well as styling, making them great imposters to the ?real things.?

What about sitting and standing, how much walking around and moving space will you need in your room??

Area rugs can section off rooms, pull sofas and chairs together and create pockets of intimacy as well as link rooms together.
You will probably not want your area rugs to be in the heavy traffic lanes, although they certainly can be walked on. ?Your area rugs should not become the place to wipe your feet as you come into the door.

If your rug is for the dining room, consider chair placement. ?Do you want chairs on or off the rug? ?When diners are at the table, the chairs should be either on or off the rug, not both. ?And under a sofa, you?ll want the area rug to be 12 inches larger than a ?normal? sofa and 24 inches longer than a very large sofa.?

Finally, what colors do you love??

Are you looking to make the space look larger, warmer, cozier, cooler or more like you? ?Start with colors that make you happy. ?Warm colors, red, orange, and yellow can make a room feel warm and welcoming, as long as there isn?t too much afternoon sun which makes it feel sweltering. ?Cool colors, blue, green, violet, can make the object recede and expand the room by making the walls feel further away.

Want to be daring? ?This is the time to bring in our favorite color. ?A daring color or pattern in your rug can bring the whole house to life.