Dont Recycle, Repurpose!

Not everything has to be thrown away in a renovation. Sometimes, to save some money, all you have to do is reuse ? and repurpose ? some old stuff! Here, then, is our list of tips and tricks on what you can repurpose?and what might be better off somewhere else:

  • Got an old chair rail (or two)? Repurpose it by installing it in your closet to create a unique shoe hangar rack!

  • Are you cleaning out your garage, and have encountered a rake that?s seen better days? Just take off the rake head, use your favorite spray paint to make a bit of color pop, and use it to hang your ties or your necklaces!

  • Got an old crib that?s just taking up space? Take the railings off; stand them vertically, and presto! Instant magazine rack!

  • Old shutters, when properly sanded and painted, can serve as catchalls ? holding your keys and other small?tchotchkes?that tend to clutter up an otherwise tidy house.

  • An old ladder, when properly painted and hung, can serve as a great drying rack?or even a pan rack in the kitchen.

  • Got some nice Mason jars that you can?t bear to part with? Install them onto a block of wood for a great set of planters!

  • An old dish rack can have a great second life as a file/desk organizer! Of course, it should go without saying that you need to clean & repaint the rack first!

  • Vintage lunchboxes aren?t just for new handbags ? they?re great storage catchalls!

  • Another great catch-all that?s great for a desk? Old tuna cans! Peel off the label, wash the can THOROUGHLY (you don?t want your house smelling like old fish), then use the can for paper clips, push pins, and rubber bands!

  • Finally, if you have an old metal pot rack that doesn?t fit in the new open-concept kitchen, take it outside & hang it on the patio so it can hold your potted plants!