Everything – Yes, Even The Floors! – Is Bigger In Texas! 

What?s your style? Well, you could be New York style ? all full of trends and minimalism ? or you could be Texas style ? big, bold, and unique!

Here at Texas Flooring Professionals, we?re committed to bring you the biggest, and best, in Texas home style at a fraction of the cost of those other ?big box? retailers.

Of course, if it?s a Texas home style you want, then the first thing you need to do is recognize the biggest trend in Texas flooring ? hardwood!

So why is hardwood so popular in the Lone Star State? Well, it?s durable ? it lasts longer than many other flooring styles (some homes still have their original hardwood floors?from the 19th?century!) ? it?s easy to maintain, it?s elegant, and ? most of all ? it?s timeless (hardwood flooring has never gone out of style!). Plus, with our fantastic weather nearly-year round, it?s perfect to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter (when properly installed and insulated, of course).

So, what are some trends in hardwood flooring? Let?s take a look:

  • Dark Colors: Ebony, Mahogany, and Rosewood stains are in. Maple stains and lighter are out!

  • Long, Wide Planks: Think big?Texas big! The thin, short slats are out?the long, wide planks are in!

  • Distressed Wood: Your wood floors don?t have to be overly glossy or showroom pretty. The distressed look ? but not?too?distressed, of course! ? is quite popular these days.

  • Sustainable Materials: This is not only popular in Texas, it?s popular all over the country. If you?re concerned about the environmental impact your hardwood floors are going to have, consider a sustainable material, like cork or bamboo. Even though these materials aren?t ?traditionally? hardwood, they?re just as durable ? if not moreso ? and they?re as good for the Earth as they are for your home?and you!
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