How To Optimize Your Closet Space

So, you have a closet that could use a bit of a sprucing up ? maybe there?s too much clutter, maybe things aren?t properly organized, maybe you just need a change of scenery ? but you?re not sure where to start. Here are some tips and tricks to organize your space:

  • Prune down your clothing collection. If you haven?t worn it in more than 6 months, give it to charity or sell it on eBay.

  • Ditch the closet doors, and add gorgeous curtains instead. That will keep the space open and airy.

  • Do you have more room in your bedroom than you know what to do with? Consider adding an additional clothing bar in that space to accommodate (yet another) Little Black Dress.

  • For a child?s room that has a loft bed, consider converting the loft space to a mini-walk-in closet. Fun, and unique, this also makes the most of precious space!

  • Larger closets can benefit from the use of track lighting ? this makes the contents of the space easier to see.

  • If you have some closet drawers that need organizing, consider the use of old shoe boxes.

  • Having one long rod that goes across the length of the closet does nothing to optimize the space. Consider ?staggering? your rods with various heights, lengths, and widths to accommodate a series of different sizes, and styles, of clothing.

  • ?Dead space? is only as dead as you make it. Install a few shelves, hang a few rods,?et voila!

  • If your special guy has one too many ties, nail the tie rack to the wall and hang the ties accordingly. This will free up some needed space on the rod.

Do you have some other design ideas to share? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! Or, if you?re ready for us to get started on this or other home improvement projects, contact us today and let?s see what we can do for you!