Like the best of chefs, designers need not follow the crowd when it comes to carpet

Use carpet as a way to break through conventional thinking and to be more individual and upbeat with d?cor. So, as we move back indoors when Fall approaches, what better time to ?harvest? the bounty of color, texture, pattern and feel, and season our d?cor ? season after season.

Designers love carpet for its versatility. Carpet helps create a continuous, flowing, tasteful design from room to room and floor to floor. Plus, there?s the color! Fiber makers and manufacturers now deliver the broadest selection in colors ever. Next time you visit a flooring retailer; note that every nuance of the rainbow is available to you as you like it.
Carpet is a great opportunity to introduce two kinds of texture. The physical construction of carpet with its high and low loops, cut pile, loos frieze, nubby Berbers or smooth Saxonies and even the amount of yarn twist present a physical texture. There?s also the visual texture provided by images like florals, geometrics and simple techniques such as the way a carpet appears to be tailored or sculpted, by alternating deep and light dyeing or the application of color flecks in a yarn.

Texture can be created in how the yarns are twisted, for example - loose to tight. Performance is also affected by the twist. Generally, the tighter or higher a twist will result in performance features that are better. In addition these tighter twists yield a more defined and sophisticated carpet. In other word, loser twists are more casual with formal a result of tighter ones. Tighter twists are also easier to vacuum.

Today carpet manufacturers are marrying technology with texture and colors and creating patterns to create intriguing and unexpected new surfaces. Your local flooring dealer is knowledgeable on all of the carpet options, fibers and styles. ?You will get the best advice and ideas when you visit. Do it today!