Professional Installation is the Best Way to Protect Your Investment in New Flooring

Today?s new flooring choices are so numerous they could probably replace the numbers on a roulette wheel. Nevertheless, you can come up with the right choice without gambling when you opt for the assistance of a professional installation team from a local flooring dealer.?

Most flooring product manufacturers and dealers will discourage choosing installations on the basis of the lowest price or as a ?do-it-yourself? project. In fact, some manufacturers won?t honor their own product warranties unless their products have been professionally installed according to their recommendations. And their motives are not additional profits, there are really good reasons.?

It?s surely understandable that homeowners want to save as much time and money as possible and they believe they can do this. However, in the end, the reverse is generally the case. First of all, experience has shown that inexperienced installers are prone to making mistakes. These include incorrectly measuring the area of rooms prior to the installation, which results in ordering the wrong quantity of flooring product. Then, there?s the fact that no two flooring materials require exactly the same installation techniques for proper installation, and that can void warranties and also affect the quality ?look? and durability of the new flooring. They also fail to consider the cost of renting the tools required to correctly install the product. Finally, most inexperienced installers don?t know that flooring products must be ?acclimatized? to the environment in which they will be installed for several days prior to being put in place.?

Professional installers are well aware of all these things and many others. They have gained this knowledge through on site experience and detailed training at the dealerships they work for. ?Moreover, they are regularly updated with the latest that most homeowners don?t have access to.

The bottom line here is that a large investment in new flooring deserves to be correctly installed by folks who know what they are doing. In the final analysis, this guarantees perfect results and also costs less because you don?t have to hire professionals to repair mistakes after the fact. There are many other benefits of working with flooring professionals too not the least of which is having regular access to the design advice they can provide.
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