Quality Vinyl Floor Products a Great Investment for Your Austin Home 

For homeowners in Austin, vinyl floors have long been known as the value flooring system. In the past, vinyl flooring was often selected because of its low price and high-durability. Those same benefits have not changed, and for these reasons, today's homeowners are still buying vinyl flooring as it is one of the best home investments anyone can make.

Today's vinyl flooring is not what it was several years ago. It is better. In the past, these floors would often crack or bend over time, especially if there was a lot of foot traffic or furniture moving on them. That has changed. Modern manufacturing processes from companies such as Armstrong and Congoleum have brought vinyl flooring into the 21st century. New types of vinyl floor systems are incredibly tough and durable, lasting years if they are properly maintained.

Another modern benefit that Austin homeowners will appreciate is the many varieties of designs, textures, and motifs that are now available with vinyl floors. If you are of a certain age, you probably remember how fake the old wood-themed vinyl floors appeared. They were awful, to say the least. Not anymore.?

Congoleum, for instance, has a whole line of wood look vinyl floors for Austin residences to choose from, with each one accurately replicating the look of real wood in a variety of species, shades, and color tones. Texas Flooring Professionals carries these lines including the awesome Airstep-Plus Harmony line. And for those who want vibrant colors, the Armstrong Colorette line was made just for you. This line offers all the usual colors but also offers colors such as watermelon and lime.

It is true that you could put down traditional hardwood flooring or stone tile flooring, but the cost would be much higher than putting down a high-quality vinyl floor which can last for years and years and not fade over time. If you are interested in a new vinyl floor or if you have questions, give us a call.