Vinyl floors are becoming more and more popular among homeowners in Austin.  There are a multitude of reasons for this.   While everyone wants a floor that has that wow factor, hardwood and tile can get a little bit pricey.  If installed properly a vinyl floor can look as spectacular.  There are many advantages in having a vinyl floor.  First off, it is the lowest maintenance of all flooring options, which makes it very popular for people with pets and children.  All it needs is a sweep and a mop every once in a while, and it looks like the day you bought it. 

A vinyl floor is also softer than other options because it is backed by a thin layer of foam or felt. This makes it easier to walk or stand on for long stretches.  At Texas Flooring Professionals, we want to help you with every step in the process of getting your new vinyl floor.  We are from San Antonio, but also cover vinyl floor in Austin.   Austin has been a real estate boom for the last decade that shows no signs of slowing down.  Skyrocketing home values in Austin have encouraged many people to upgrade their homes.  A new vinyl floor is the best way to really improve a room.  No amount of painting or rearranging will have the same transformative effect as a new vinyl floor.

Vinyl is manufactured in a huge array of colors, styles, and designs.   There are two main types of vinyl floors.  There is sheet vinyl and tile vinyl.  Tile vinyl is the increasingly popular for the way it replicates the look and feel like authentic tile.  Tile vinyl floor is made in 9 X 9 or 12 X 12 squares, while sheet vinyl is usually laid down in sheets 6 or 12 feet wide.  Sheet vinyl tends to be more wear and water resistant than tile vinyl.   It is also a popular look to have your vinyl floor replicate the look of natural stone. The natural stone look gives any room a certain rustic charm.  

At Texas Flooring Professionals in Austin, you will find the perfect vinyl floor for you.