The Do’s and Don’ts of the Man Cave

A man cave is a place where not only the man can escape from reality. Fear not, the kids can tag along too (especially on game day - insert sporting event here). More than likely, if you don't already have a man-cave in your house, your guy would love one. Even if they don't say they want one, you know deep down they do.

  • Therefore, if you are prepared to produce a 'guy-cave' for that special man in your life, here is a summary of do?s and don?ts to think about before you start building:

  • DO pick a location that is not being taken advantage of at the given moment for the man-cave. An extra bedroom, a little den, a solarium, and/or a finished cellar are all great choices.

  • DON?T hideout in your man-cave 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is an area for a guy to enjoy some relaxation time, not shy away from their duties as a pal, dad and spouse.

  • DO consider stylistic choices for the man-cave. For those who have a specific pastime (such as comic books) or like a specific group (for instance the brand San Antonio Spurs), feel free to integrate your own personal preferences into the man-cave.

  • ?DON?T overdo it because of the motif. You don't want to over match the room, as it could look ridiculous. A man-cave that is, designed entirely in Boston Red Sox souvenirs is certainly going to appear absurd.

  • DO have a collection of guidelines for the man-cave. They can be for specific times when it's just for dad and the guys, and when the room can be used for a family fun night! Or you can have an entrance fee of chicken wings, chips and salsa for game day or themed gatherings for friends and family. Regardless of what you choose, it is important to have fun with it so everyone that enters the man-cave enjoys themselves.

  • DON?T be so strict with who comes and goes in the man-cave that it affects your relationship with your spouse, kids or friends.

We could create a customized man-cave for you or your guy! If you are ready to get this wagon train moving, get some design inspiration from our site, or gather some info from the web and bring it to us. Get a hold of us today for free in-home estimate and let the fun begin!