Tile and Stone: A Renaissance for Design

tile floor kitchen
The look of tile and stone is experiencing quite a Renaissance as designers and home decorators have discovered its underlying artistic temperament and creativity for any budget. ?Color continues to allow us to express ourselves in new and exciting ways.?

Want to make some inexpensive and quick changes to your wall tiles? Check to see if you can add a row of trim to the outside of your design; this will quickly inexpensively change the entire look of a room. If you are doing a new installation, design the installation so that you have an outside row of trim that you can change! Whatever your whim, you can remove the row and add a new tile boarder or some deco pieces for a whole new look. ?Look at your present tiles. ? Do you have trim or decos you would like to remove? ?It?s very likely that this can be done easily, most likely by a professional. ?It?s a matter of imagination.

Glass tiles from vivid purples or iridescent blues are the hottest things in the industry. These can be purchased in one-by-one inch squares and used for accents, or they can be in larger sizes. ? A few glass tiles can go a long way, adding them to your tile design. ?Like spices, a little can go a long way. Before buying, ask if you can borrow a few square feet of the colors you like, or maybe your retailer has a pre-made sample board. ?See how the glass pieces reflect colors on your wall. ?Light reflecting off a floor of green tiles can turn your white wall green. ?Be sure this is what you want. ?Give careful thought to trendy colors and be sparing.

Some glass tiles are opaque, similarly to ceramic tile; others are translucent but quite shiny. ?Opaque tiles are very much like colored ?mile glass.? They do not display depth like transparent and translucent glass tiles. ?There are also tiles with scalloped surfaces with imprints of leaves or shells. Glass tile is pretty ?green? because it can be cast, molded and recycled. ?Glass tiles are sold by the square foot or by the piece. ?Installation takes more time and is often more complicated. ?It is highly recommended to have the installation of tile done by a skilled professional.