You’ve decided to get new flooring for your home, maybe just a room.  You want it to be different, maybe even exotic. You’ve narrowed down your choice to a hardwood that is “hand-scraped”…you love the look. It’s distinctive, unique…it’s “you.”

If you are thinking “hand-scraped” it’s important to know that all hand-scraped floors are not created equal. First and foremost, make sure the flooring is really hand-scraped and not machine distressed or sculpted. Unique scraping patterns are key. Look for repetitive patterns which detract from the authentic timeless character and appearance of the floor.
Also, be sure to compare the level or depth of the flooring’s sculpted surfaces which varies among several manufacturers. Choose a level of scraping that matches your taste. An overly sculpted floor may look good on a showroom sample but overpowering in your home.

Hand-scraped flooring can be at home in virtually any décor. Traditional and rustic environments are an obvious match. However, hand-sculpted floors are equally suited to eclectic or modern settings for they create an exceptional design contrast, too.

A wide variety of color choices are available. Typically, darker colors will accentuate the visual drama of the hand-scraping. If you are working with exotic flooring, some species, like Brazilian Cherry, will darken over time with exposure to light. The process enhances the natural hues and hand-sculpted surfaces of the floor.
If you are looking for a truly custom flooring presentation, hand-sculpted floors may be just the ticket. While you are at it, be sure to check out the new exotic hand-scraped offerings. Unique grain and color variation coupled with authentic hand-scraping makes exotic hardwood distinctive, original and guaranteed to be a conversation point in your home.

Best of all… you can find them today in your local flooring retailer’s showroom.